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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Smoke-Free
Ontario Act, 2017
, now includes additional restrictions to denormalize
smoking and to protect people from being exposed to second-hand smoke and
vapour. With recent changes to the Act, Public Health Sudbury & Districts
is raising awareness about where it is illegal to vape, smoke, or hold lighted
tobacco or cannabis.

Public Health Sudbury & Districts’
Smoke-Free Ontario Act Inspectors enforce the rules that prohibit smoking and
vaping under the Act. The fines for not following the laws are substantial, and
individuals can receive penalties of up to $305 for a first offence. The
inspectors conduct checks of properties to ensure compliance with the Act and
respond to complaints.

“Our top priority is keeping these substances
out of the hands of youth and protecting the public from second-hand smoke and
vapour,” said Burgess Hawkins, a manager with Public Health Sudbury &
Districts’ Environmental Health Division. “The same laws that apply to smoking
tobacco also apply to smoking cannabis and the use of all vapour products,”
said Hawkins.

Given the prevalence of students using vapour
products nationally, people should be aware that smoking and vaping is
prohibited in schools, on school property, and within 20 metres of the
perimeter of the school property. These same rules apply to all community
recreational facilities, including arenas, gyms, pools, and sports facilities.

Other places where smoking tobacco or cannabis, and
vaping is prohibited under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, include:

  • enclosed public places

  • enclosed workplaces (including workplace vehicles)

  • any indoor common area of a multi-unit dwelling

  • child care centres, home child care centres, and any place where an
    Early Years Program or service is provided

  • hospitals and psychiatric care facilities, including all their
    outdoor properties

  • long-term care facilities and within a 9-metre radius surrounding
    any entrance or exit

  • restaurant or bar patios including public areas within a 9-metre
    radius of the patio

  • children’s playgrounds and all public areas within 20 metres of any
    point on the perimeter of a children’s playground

  • the reserved seating area of a sports arena or entertainment venue

  • sporting areas and public areas within 20 metres of any point on
    the perimeter of a sporting area or a spectator area adjacent to a
    sporting area (some exceptions apply to certain locations)

Several local municipalities also have bylaws
that include more restrictions than the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.
Check with your local municipality to see if bylaws exist for smoking tobacco
or cannabis, or vaping.

Contact Public Health Sudbury & Districts
for more information about the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, enforcement
or to make a complaint; to learn about the risks of smoking and vaping; or to
find out about the services offered by the agency’s 
Smoking Clinic
, please call 705.522.9200 (toll-free 1.866.522.9200) or

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