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Supportive Housing - Nipissing

Supportive housing programs are available in designated residential buildings (apartments or group homes) to people who require daily personal support and essential homemaking to live independently. Eligible individuals include the frail elderly, people with physical disabilities, people with acquired brain injuries and those living with HIV/AIDS. Personal support is provided on-site and is available up to 24 hours a day, depending on individual need. Care may be provided directly by the residential building or by another service and is offered in addition to any visiting home health care.

See also Home Health and Community Supports for services offered in the person's home.

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These services are located in Nipissing
Au Château - Home for the Aged - Sturgeon Falls - Community Support Services - Assisted Living Services for High Risk Seniors   Sturgeon Falls
Cassellholme, East Nipissing District Home for the Aged (The) - North Bay - Community Support Services - Assisted Living for High Risk Seniors   North Bay
Physically Handicapped Adults' Rehabilitation Association (PHARA) - Assisted Living - North Bay   North Bay

These services are located outside of Nipissing, but provide service to Nipissing.
Deafblind Ontario Services   Newmarket
ICAN - Independence Centre and Network - Sudbury - Enhanced Congregate Care (ECC) Units - Supportive Housing - Haig St Site   Sudbury
Sudbury-East Seniors Support - Noelville - Assisted Living Program   Noelville
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