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Monday, November 13, 2017

North East LHIN Supporting More Integrated and Coordinated Care for Sudbury East

November 10, 2017 – The North East Local Health Integration Network (NE LHIN) Board of Directors has supported two separate voluntary integrations by three organizations in Sudbury East that will improve access and enhance coordination of care for residents in the area.

The three organizations – the Sudbury East Community Health Centre (CHC), Sudbury East Seniors Support and the French River Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic - approached the LHIN about integrating together. Both the Seniors Support organization and the Nurse Practitioner Led-Clinic have voluntarily decided to integrate with the CHC.

“By allowing or ‘not stopping’ these two voluntary integrations from going forward, we will create a more coordinated system of care for the residents of Sudbury East - bringing together primary care with home and community care - and making it easier for residents to access services,” explained Kate Fyfe, Interim CEO of the North East LHIN..

The North East LHIN Board of Directors heard that the two separate integrations would provide many benefits to residents of the area.

Benefits for integrating Sudbury East Seniors Support with the Sudbury East CHC include:
o Enhanced collaboration and coordination of services between primary care and home and community care resulting in increased quality care for clients and introduction of coordinated care plans for clients with high health care needs;
o Several operational savings such as shared reporting requirements and telephone systems.
o Shared governance that will make it easier to recruit board members, which can often be difficult in smaller communities.
o IT upgrades from the integration that will help Seniors Support improve tasks such as scheduling and delivering care to clients.

The Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic’s integration with the CHC will not change its current location in Alban or its clinic hours. The Nurse Practitioners will continue to treat patients in Alban from their building located at 24 Delamere Road.

The integration of the French River Nurse Practitioner Led-Clinic with the Sudbury East CHC would bring about the following benefits:
o Increased access for residents by enabling the combined Nurse Practitioner Led-Clinic and CHC’s panel size to grow by an additional 1,000 patients over the next three years. This will be achieved by the creation of a Clinical Program Manager who could take on some of the administrative duties of the clinical staff, additional time for direct patient care. As the only patient care group in the area, it is anticipated that all residents of Sudbury East who want primary care will have access to primary care services through the clinic.
o Improved coordination of primary care services and planning for the Sudbury East area.
o More effective and equitable use of health care resources that will help fill vacancies that arise at any of the four sites.
o Stabilization of the health workforce through concerted recruitment efforts and improved retention through full-time staffing opportunities.
o Enhanced French Language Service designation, as current CHC designation will cover all integrated services.
o Use of a common Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that will make it easier to share patient information and create coordinated care plans.
o Creation of a community governance model that will have representatives for all communities.

In addition, detailed community engagements – including town hall meeting and planning sessions with the community were shared with the North East Board to showcase the organization’s work consulting with residents. North East LHIN staff attended some of these engagements and also heard from residents directly. The North East LHIN will ensure that their concerns are addressed by the new entity.

“With increased access to services and care coordination, the benefits these integrations will leverage for residents of Sudbury East are very patient-centered,” said North East LHIN Chair Ron Farrell.

o The Sudbury East CHC and Sudbury East Seniors Support are funded through an accountability agreement with the North East LHIN, while the French River Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic is funded by the Primary Health Care Branch of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.
o The CHC has three locations providing primary care, health promotion and community development programming in the Sudbury East area.
o The Seniors Support delivers home and community care including: Assisted Living, Meals on Wheels, Transportation, Lifeline, Community Dining, respite and homemaking.
o The French River Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic health team offers a wide range of services to patients including primary care, health promotion, social services, and clinical community services.
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