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Monday, September 11, 2017

November is Fall Prevention Month!

November is
Fall Prevention Month!

Fall Prevention Month is a campaign that encourages Canadian organizations to come together and coordinate their fall prevention efforts for a larger impact.

Did you know?[1]
  • Falls are the leading cause of injury among older Canadians
  • Falls can result in chronic pain, reduced mobility, loss of independence and even death
  • Over 1/3 of older adults are admitted to Long-Term Care following hospitalization for a fall

Together we can help keep older adults healthy and injury free!

Need ideas or resources to plan your Fall Prevention Month initiatives?

Check out our updated bilingual Toolkit!

In it you'll find:
  • Sample activities to use with older adult groups in the community or within your professional organization
  • Promotional resources such as our printable and ready-to-use Fall Prevention Month logos, postcard, posters, sample news release and social media guide
  • Infographics including both regional and national statistics
  • Information for older adults you can use as client handouts or education materials
  • And much more!

3 ways to showcase your organization's great work

We need your help to make our collective impact on fall prevention even bigger!

Here's how:

1. Submit your initiatives on the Fall Prevention Month website and we will feature them in our Calendar.

2. Share your initiatives on Twitter using the hashtags #PreventFalls2017 and #PreventFalls. We'd love to follow you! Need some sample tweets? Here's our handy updated social media guide.

3. Spread the word! Download promotional resources to distribute widely.

Stay tuned for future emails about how to get your organization involved and updates on all the latest and greatest resources to support you during Fall Prevention Month 2017!

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